Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So I haven't been very good about my workouts, but I have been active. It's so hard to devote that time to driving cross town to get there.

HOWEVER, for about 2 weeks, I've had houseguests who are mostly vegetarian (we do eat some fish). So I've been eating a ton of veggies and not hardly any meat (a little, like when we go out, or for lunch at school.) And today, I got it.

The first "hey, are you losing weight?" comment from someone who sees me on an irregular basis!

Hooray! It could be better, it could be more people, but I think I am still managing to lose a little bit and slim down. The veggie diet helps, as does not drinking too much (2 big glasses) of wine every other night.

So, the fitness plan is less extreme thanks to the still sore, still stiff, occasionally painful ankle and my lack of willingness to sacrifice time to drive to the gym. But it is still kinda working. Which is good. It IS after all about life, and not just a few weeks of crash dieting.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Alternatives to the Gym

The gym we use is on base, which means a 20 minute drive. Now, as things go, that's not so far. But when you have a really short day of "non-child" time, the extra 40 minutes of driving is a whole lot! So the last week or so, I've been trying to think of ways to exercise that don't involve schlepping across town to the officially sanctioned exercise mill.

Our making of a whole bunch of hula hoops for exercise purposes yesterday will help a bit. If one stands and learns to rigorously hula hoop for 30 minutes, that's cardio & core work. I could feel it in my abs yesterday, in fact. And I only have to go out into my backyard.

So that's one strategy I'm pursuing because I really don't want to give up that extra 40 minutes a day of possible time to get things other than sitting in a car done.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Back to It

So the day I fell, I was lying on the ground waiting for Andrew to come get me and help me walk into the house and as the tears were dribbling from the corners of my eyes I realized that I was going to be seriously delayed in my fitness plan by the ankle incident. I tried really hard to not be TOO bad without the workout-- not eat like a piggie, not drink like a fish. But I have been a bit of a backslider, and I suspect any weight I lost on my two weeks of working out is probably back again. And my aerobic fitness is not where it was.

I did go to bellydancing this past week & learned the rest of a very cool dance routine, and this coming week we start a new one. So that's cool, and I will be happy to keep that up. Yesterday the troupe performed down at the big shopping mall (The Boardwalk) and we went to watch. They did the routine I learned and I mostly knew it. If I'm following someone, I remember it pretty well. I have a hard time remembering it when I'm alone, but someone recorded it, so I can practice it in the future.

Anyway, no more eating bad food, no more "just a glass" of wine. The 6 weeks of boot camp starts back up today.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

El Disastro

Well, last Wednesday I fell and sprained my ankle pretty severely. Oh did it ever hurt! So all day Wednesday I sat on my butt and watched DVRd copies of True Blood. I'm mostly caught up on the series, now. It's not bad!

I have hobbled around now almost a week and the ankle is better. I haven't worked out, but I have tried to stick as best as possible to the diet-type of eating. It was waylaid a bit by our trip to San Antonio because I did drink a few alcoholic beverages. Not too many, though, so I feel pretty good about the whole time delay overall.

I AM mad that it's probably going to set me back a little bit on weight loss. However, I do have a very sick little girl at home this morning, (with her daddy while I'm at work. I feel really guilty about this, by the way). So it's possible we're all about to be sick and not want to eat for a while anyway! That's what worried me most about traveling this weekend; every time we used a public restroom I washed our hands with alcohol but you still are never sure.

So this week is an "out" week, too, for major exercise at least, while the ankle is still recovering and now with Maia sick even if I weren't recovering from the ankle I would precautionarily take it easy.

So it can be better can be worse but we're moving along.