Tuesday, September 8, 2009

El Disastro

Well, last Wednesday I fell and sprained my ankle pretty severely. Oh did it ever hurt! So all day Wednesday I sat on my butt and watched DVRd copies of True Blood. I'm mostly caught up on the series, now. It's not bad!

I have hobbled around now almost a week and the ankle is better. I haven't worked out, but I have tried to stick as best as possible to the diet-type of eating. It was waylaid a bit by our trip to San Antonio because I did drink a few alcoholic beverages. Not too many, though, so I feel pretty good about the whole time delay overall.

I AM mad that it's probably going to set me back a little bit on weight loss. However, I do have a very sick little girl at home this morning, (with her daddy while I'm at work. I feel really guilty about this, by the way). So it's possible we're all about to be sick and not want to eat for a while anyway! That's what worried me most about traveling this weekend; every time we used a public restroom I washed our hands with alcohol but you still are never sure.

So this week is an "out" week, too, for major exercise at least, while the ankle is still recovering and now with Maia sick even if I weren't recovering from the ankle I would precautionarily take it easy.

So it can be better can be worse but we're moving along.

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