Wednesday, September 30, 2009


So I haven't been very good about my workouts, but I have been active. It's so hard to devote that time to driving cross town to get there.

HOWEVER, for about 2 weeks, I've had houseguests who are mostly vegetarian (we do eat some fish). So I've been eating a ton of veggies and not hardly any meat (a little, like when we go out, or for lunch at school.) And today, I got it.

The first "hey, are you losing weight?" comment from someone who sees me on an irregular basis!

Hooray! It could be better, it could be more people, but I think I am still managing to lose a little bit and slim down. The veggie diet helps, as does not drinking too much (2 big glasses) of wine every other night.

So, the fitness plan is less extreme thanks to the still sore, still stiff, occasionally painful ankle and my lack of willingness to sacrifice time to drive to the gym. But it is still kinda working. Which is good. It IS after all about life, and not just a few weeks of crash dieting.

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