Sunday, August 23, 2009


I've used in the past to caluculate how I was doing with eating vs. exercise. It is a place you can enter what you do, down to the lowest activity, and what you eat. It helps you know if you're doing the whole "burn 500 calories a day more than you consume" thing. That's really what I use it for, and also to keep me honest about what I'm putting in my mouth.

I just went into it, logged in, updated my weight & goal. And I didn't notice it until afterwards but there was an ad for gastric surgery on one side of the page. Okay, I know I'm overweight, but thanks, Fitday. Thanks for the suggestion there. I don't think that surgery is recommended quite yet.

I know it's a great option for people who just can't find it in them to do the exercise thing, and for whom what they do does not work. But I know for a fact that if I workout properly & eat properly I will lose the weight. And I've cleared out the time so I have no more excuses.

Go away with your "targeted marketing."

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