Friday, August 28, 2009


So this week has gone by in a flash! I managed to work out all days I planned to, though. It's really nice to be back in a fitness mode. I can already feel my skin firmer, and certain places are already "perkier" and all. My belly flab is already a little smaller. I don't like weighing myself, but from the way my skin and body feels, I can tell I've probably already lost a little weight. Maybe even 2 pounds! Andrew even said yesterday I looked thinner. He was sucking up, a little bit, but he said he also meant it. Hooray! I could lie and say "this isn't about being thinner it's about fitness" but really, I want to be thinner & fit. The thinner part is hugely important. That might be shallow of me, but there you go. If you've ever been too heavy, you know how that feels, and fit is good but thin is better.

I have gone a couple of days this week in a too low calorie mode, to be honest. Tuesday, I didn't plan well & ended up eating only like 800 calories. It was mostly okay, but I can't do that and have enough energy for working out. Wednesday's workout was not as good as Monday's, and the main reason was probably that deficit from Tuesday. But it does give my fat burning a quick jumpstarting boost.

Part of my weight issue is "post-baby fat" but to be completely honest, I think I probably would be far thinner now than I am already if it weren't for drinking alcohol. Andrew & I have been in a habit of having a couple of glasses of wine a night. It starts off planning a single glass with dinner & then it tastes GOOD so I want another. And that liquor is so bad for your metabolism. Your body burns the alcohol off first, so the fat that might have burned just sits there. It feels good to be completely on the wagon. Midnight is a totally different animal when you haven't had a glass of wine (or two). No headache, feeling tired but normal. :) It's a sign that when I'm off the "boot camp" portion of my weight loss, I need to work far harder to limit the alcohol consumption in my life. Maybe one day a week will be the thing. Pinot Grigio is just so tasty! :)

So that's my week. I am planning to go to the gym later this morning and get a decent workout in, but I am tempted to skip it and go get my hair done. I really want to do something with the frizz & the gray around my forehead part. But I will go workout. I can't end a great week on a downer, right?

First week of Operation Anarchy Cheerleader? Success. I'm rockin' it. And beating Andrew, who hasn't been all week. Score!!

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