Monday, August 24, 2009

Thanks, Blog

Well, this morning the blog actually did its job already. Because I only have this ONE day off before I start school and I have soooo much to do, I was sorely tempted this morning to say the lame-o "I'll start working out tomorrow....wah wah waaa". Well I knew I would have to come on here and write the lame excuse that would have come with not going to the gym and gettin' my stank on this morning so I went.

One hour hard cardio. 30 minutes mostly arm and upper legs weight training. So there you go. Day one, so far, calories consumed vs. calories burned: 300 consumed 600 burned. Good start for so early. Yay me!

But it's gonna be "fun" fitting in all the things I still have left to do before the semester starts tomorrow. Time to go get on it.

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