Monday, August 31, 2009


My workout this morning was adequate, but I have lots of housework to do, so that will burn some calories. I tried a new exercise tape instead of schlepping 20 minutes each way to the base gym. What I can get done with that extra 40 minutes of my day.... but the video was okay. I wasn't feelin' it. I bought these on an "infomercial" impulse when the babies were teeny tiny and never have tried them (Turbo Jam). They aren't bad, and yes, very energetic, but too much kick boxing. I love boxing, but I love it for realz-- with a bag, and gloves, and sweating in the gym like you're beating the crap out of someone. The cutesy "music plus jab" of cardio kickboxing tapes annoy me. Then I tried a bellydancing cardio video I don't think I've ever looked at and it was kind of weird. Even the women in the class looked a bit freaked out, like someone chucked them in the class, tossed a fringey scarf around their hips and said "follow this chick with the accent."

But I did get at least 40 minutes of wiggling and I'm a bit sweaty. It'll do for now. I need to go online and order some of my old standbys for home workout. I've lost most of them since we moved. Andrew has a bad habit of taking all the DVDs out of their cases and then they go bye bye.

Anyway. Week 2 is seeing me fine-- eating well, still, and committed to at least sweaty faux dance faux boxing wiggling for almost an hour. I'll get into a better groove here soon.

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