Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun Food day

Well, years ago, on our last quest to skinny, our good friend Nissa created Fun Food Day. That means in the midst of dieting & being "good" one can have a single day of the week where one indulges. Liquor, big giant juicy burgers, cheesecake. Whatever.

I wasn't planning on doing them with this diet, because I'm trying to be really "OOH RAH HARD CORE MARINE" about it. But yesterday we had friends who are leaving very soon come by and we made good pizzas (oh my gawd the veggie one was amazing) and had martinis. Frangelitinis, in fact. Oh they were tasty.

But I had not missed, in the two weeks (almost) that I haven't had liquor at all, the morning after. :) Vodka does not give me much of a hangover, but enough of one to regret it this morning a bit. Ugh. So perhaps the lesson we learn here is that our bodies really do know better. When we misbehave, it tells us to STOP IT!

Moderation is the key to everything in the entire freakin' universe, I know. So I don't know if I'm going to allow myself another fun food day during this first six weeks of boot camp because I am not capable of being moderate at times.

But on a lighter note: all my fat girl pants, which I've worn regularly since I had the heathen chilluns, are all falling completely off of me. I actually had to change because it was really uncomfortable for them to be pulling down so much. And this is only ONE WEEK of diet + exercise.

OOOOh rah!

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