Sunday, August 23, 2009

Hula Hooping

M--, my friend who has been going to bellydancing with me, suggested we go to the Hula Hoop class on Sunday (today). We took the girls-- Maia & M--'s daughter, and went. It was super fun.

I've never been able to Hula Hoop in my whole life. But with the big giant, heavy hoop, I was able to do it for quite some time. It was super fun. I can walk with it a little bit, and attempted to do a little hand trickery.

It's awesome exercise. Really aerobic, good for the core/tummy muscles and upper legs. We did it for about an hour.

I need to get the right kind of hoop, because it makes a difference. I can't do it with the light little ones that you can get at the regular store. But it's my fifth day activity, now. I have four other days lined up, and this makes five full days of concentrated workout plan. Yay! I'll have to check fitday to see how many calories it burns, but I know it was good because I'm tired.

Maia did pretty well too. What's greatest about fitness is that it is also good for your kids....

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